Leadways Run Club was founded by high school students in the Bay Area. Our mission is to foster physical fitness, promote mental well-being, and build a supportive community among high school students. We envision a healthier, happier, and more connected generation, where the habits of physical and mental health developed through running are carried into adulthood.

We realized that many students, especially in the Bay Area, stopped focusing on their personal fitness due to academic and extracurricular stress. Leadways Run Club aims to promote fitness in a fun, relaxed manner. We want to train students to run without injury and instill values and habits of physical fitness that can last for a lifetime.

Core Values

Self WorthPersistenceAdventure
Emphasizing the importance of recognizing and appreciating one’s own abilities and contributions.Promoting resilience and determination in overcoming obstacles and challenges.Fostering a spirit of adventure and openness to new experiences.
Encouraging members to understand and value their unique strengths and talents.Encouraging a mindset of perseverance, whether in running or in life’s various situations.Encouraging members to step out of their comfort zones and embrace growth opportunities.

Our Team

Founder and President: Nelson Gou

Nelson is a junior at The Harker School interested in computer science, entrepreneurship, and (of course) running. In his free time, Nelson loves to tinker with technology, watch cooking videos, and listen to music.

Advisor: Bryant Art